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PublixSurvey: Publix is a short name for one of the rising supermarkets in the USA. Its full name is Publix Super Market. This Super Market started selling its goods in the mid-1930s. Publix recently launched an online survey that enables its customers to provide their feedbacks which enables the store to strive forward. The ones who successfully complete survey are eligible for prizes and bonuses that include gift cards and cash prizes through Publix Customer Satisfaction Survey.

So what are you waiting for? Complete the Publix Customer Satisfaction Survey at and get a chance to win cash prizes up to $1000 or even more. The prizes are not limited, you can get varying gift cards and cash prizes by filing requirements.

Since you have a keen interest in knowing more about this survey. Every one of you would be eager to be among the few lucky winners. Read this article for a comprehensive guide to thePublix Survey and it would assist you in completing out the survey effectively and quickly.

What Are The Basic Requirements For (

As you would be thinking that, what are the basic requirements for this Customer Satisfaction Survey and whether or not you are eligible for Survey. Here are some of the basic requirements of the company. Literally, anyone can go online and fill the survey and gain rewards from their website. So, to keep your survey safe from scammers, following rules by Publix will assist you.

  • Anyone doing the online survey must be 18 years and above obviously, no one would want kids carrying out important surveys.
  • The customer should have legal residency of either of the American cities in order to be eligible – Florida, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.
  • The person doing the survey must not be Publix current employee or a have blood relations with the Publix employee.
  • Only one person per house can win a prize. If someone wins the price from one household, all the other members will not be eligible to take part in the Publix market Survey.
  • Have a basic access to the internet on a mobile device or a computer.
  • If you purchase at the Publix, you have to keep the receipt ready while filling.
  • The four-digit code on the receipt is necessary for taking part in the online survey.
  • Have a basic understanding of Spanish and/or English. It currently does not have any other language option available.

Main Concern of the

Publix launched its online survey named Publix Customer Satisfaction Survey in order to attain some information out from the customers that would give Publix a leading edge over its competitors. The main concerns of Publix customer survey as what we assume are:

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  • The overall customer satisfaction who shops at Publix Shopping centers.
  • To rectify any of the shortcomings that they have in serving their customers by learning their shopping technique and demands.
  • The diversity of the products available at their store.
  • The quality of product at the company’s offered price.
  • The behavior of the Publix staff towards their customers’.
  • The accessibility of products to their customers.
  • Is Publix worthy enough to engage a fixed customer market

What Do You Get Out of Publix Survey?

After the successful completion of the Survey, and fulfilling the requirements, you have to wait for the lucky draws to win the cash prize. You can also win gift cards, vouchers, cash prizes, free supply of grocery for a month through this survey. One lucky winner also stands a chance to win a $1000 cash and gift card reward. The gift cards are spendable at any Publix store in America. However, keep in mind that if you win the price, you must approach the Publix customer care within three days after the announcement at their official website of Publix store survey.

The Step By Step Guide

  • First things first, get a good quality internet over a mobile device or your computer to connect to the online survey.
  • Log on to – No other website is out there for the Public customer survey. Any other website claiming is potentially a scam. Report to Publix customer care immediately if you come across any such website.
  • Select your preferred language. At the moment there is an option for either Spanish or English
  • Key in the four-digit code provided in the receipt from the store. This also means that you should have shopped at Publix at least once before you can fill the survey.
  • Select the most commonly visited grocery store by you and rate your overall experience by you. (Make sure you answer honestly. Falsely giving good answers would not boost your chances to win prices. There will be no favoritism as the survey is pure and fair for all the nominees.
  • Provide all the necessary information to the Survey, Make sure all the information is correct and in accordance with the requirements.
  • The overall this customer satisfaction survey takes around 6-10 minutes of your time. Frankly speaking, it is worth it to spend your time on it as it gives you a once in a lifetime chance to win big things.

Be Aware (

Just like any other online surveys and rewards, be aware of any online scams that might follow the survey as well. According to the official website, you can participate in this survey only on their official website and no other links. All the data is safe through the legit means.

Publix also reports that once a person wins the prize, the person is solely responsible to contact Publix to claim it. No Publix correspondent would do this. This eliminates the possibility for the scammer to approach you and make false attempts to lure you into their scam.

Some other Useful Tips and Tricks

Make sure once you are filling in your at, then do not go backward or forward in your browser. Doing this will remove your data. You may, however, retake the Publix Customer Satisfaction Survey just in case if your computer was not working properly and your form was incomplete.

As a small trick, you can increase your chances of winning the price by making small purchases at Publix and then use the 4-digit code on each receipt. This way you can slightly increase your chances of winning the lucky draw and grab something huge through Publix survey.

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